We treat shoulder damage, pain and mobility problems. From trauma rehabilitation to therapy for chronic conditions to sports therapy, Northern Virginia Hand Therapy Center's team of professionals can help.

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. Shoulder pain itself can be one of the most debilitating forms of pain and simple activities become difficult if not impossible.

Shoulder pain may result from a variety of causes including a falling injury, straining to reach an object, lifting something heavy or throwing a ball. However, the majority of shoulder pain or problems are a result of gradual irritation over time. This may be due to repetitive use of the arm, poor posture causing stress on the shoulder, or muscle imbalances such as tight anterior muscles and weak posterior muscles. If left untreated, minor irritations in the shoulder often lead to greater problems over time.

Our therapists can help evaluate the cause of the shoulder pain, determine which activities aggravate the symptoms and also provide treatment to decrease pain. Each patient’s condition is unique, and will require a thorough evaluation to determine the best treatment approach.

Therapy will focus on protecting the shoulder, decreasing pain and improving motion through the use of activities, exercises and work- or sports-specific tasks, changing the ways activities are performed, and exercises for posture and stretching.